Former WWE Creative Writer Shares The Undertaker & Big Show’s Reactions To The Punjabi Prison Structure


On a recent edition of former WWE creative writer Alex Greenfield’s podcast; “The Writers Room”, he shared the reactions of the two men who were the first to step inside of the Punjabi Prison structure.

As you all are aware, tonight at WWE Battleground; Jinder Mahal will defend his WWE Title against Randy Orton in this very structure.

Here’s what Greenfield had to say:

On the day of the inaugural Punjabi Prison Match at Great American Bash ’06, Big Show and Taker were doing their routine preparations. “I remember they were looking up, this was during the rehearsal period where they were figuring out frankly how to fly in the cage. They were looking at it and you could see they were talking about what they would do with the match, but there was a lot of head shaking going on.”

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