Former WWE Star Top Dolla Releases New Promo ‘BlackListed / 55 Days’


AJ Francis, formerly known as Top Dolla from his time in WWE, is still waiting for his WWE non-compete clause to expire.

He posted a new promo about it on Twitter. Francis was among the rest of Hit Row and several other wrestlers to be let go by WWE with the reason given because of budget cuts.


“At 12 years old, I learned the term mistaken identity when me and my dad had guns pressed to our heads by cops in the McDonald’s parking lot,” AJ Francis began. “See, I was one false move from being a 12-year-old turned hashtag like Tamir Rice. Only difference is in ’02; there wasn’t no hashtags. So I guess I would have been closer to Emmett Till. Racism ain’t getting worse. It’s just getting filmed. Not to mention all these keyboard Ken’s and Karen’s, who replaced the anonymity of a white hood with a computer screen. See, mistaken identity almost cost me my life before.

“So let me tell you who I really am. I’m a pillar in my community. I feed homeless children. I go to schools and counsel young student-athletes. I pay more bills than I care to admit. And I wear my city on my chest each and every time I step in the ring, but because I’m not a caricature, they lie on my character. See, if I died today, I know some internet losers and some culture vulture corn balls would be happy, but my entire city would grieve. That’s the legacy you leave.

“So I made a list, and I checked it twice. It’s an unfinished list of some of the best performers in and around this industry that never seem to get the treatment they deserve for one reason or another. See, I’m a leader in my community. Aren’t you? Now go ahead and say the name that make the shorties go crazy, the most shady, Frankie baby. He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. Don’t give a damn if you’re naughty or nice. Frankie baby’s coming to town.”

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