Former WWE Superstar The Rock Discusses His Muhammed Ali And Tells An Old Story Regarding Him


ESPN’s By the Numbers recently interviewed The Rock, and he talked about his
relationship with Muhammed Ali. Below is a video clip and an excerpt (via USA

“When I was a rookie in the WWE, 1996, we were at a big function,
and no one knew who I was. One of those things where I had my own nametag,
‘Hello, I am Rocky Maivia.’ Ali was sitting down, and I said ‘I’d love to go
over and say hello to him,’ so I went over to him and introduced myself. As I
was pulling away he kinda pulled me back in and he whispered ‘can you rumble?’ I
said ‘yeah, I think I can…’

“Cut to 1998, I started calling myself The People’s Champion in honor of him.
When I was wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky, his family came to watch me
wrestle, and I talked to his wife and said ‘please tell Muhammad it’s only out
of respect that I call myself that. And I’ll stop it right now if he doesn’t
like it.’ She said ‘oh no, he loves it. He wants you to call yourself

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