Former WWE Talent Says Madusa Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame – Read His Comments


Lance Storm has a new article on
arguing that Debrah Miceli, aka
Madusa/Alundra Blayze, should be the next woman inducted into the WWE Hall of

Storm wrote, “Miceli broke into wrestling in 1984 and retired when
WCW shut down in early 2001. Over those 17 years she worked full time for a
major wrestling company for 14 of those years. She was both a manager/valet, and
a widely respected wrestler. Her resume stacks up with the absolute best of the
best, having succeeded in countless promotions in the US as well as in

As to why she isn’t in yet (and we all know that reason), Storm addressed it,
saying, “The only reason I can come up with to deny her, her spot in the WWE HOF
is possible heat left over from her dumping the WWF Women’s Title into the trash
on WCW Nitro. While I can see that being a sore spot, WWE has since employed
Eric Bischoff, the guy who hired her and made her do to it. Hulk Hogan has also
been welcomed back into the fold and given his rightful spot in the HOF, and
certainly his role in the Monday Night WAR against WWE was much more damaging
than Madusa’s.”

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