Former WWE Writer Critical Of Kevin Owens’ Weight


Former WWE head writer Vince Russo had a few words about WWE Superstar Kevin Owens. Russo spoke with former superstar, X-Pac on his podcast which can be heard by hovering over the word “podcast”. Russo told X-Pac he does not understand the whole package when it comes to K.O.

Vince Russo On Kevin Owens:

“Everything I’ve said about Kevin Owens, the guy doesn’t like to workout, maybe he’s a little lazy. I’m just saying that, but my point is bro, the guy visually being a little bit overweight, if I were writing for him that would be a part of the character and part of the gimmick and then it would work for him.”

“If they (WWE) looked at Kevin Owens and they worked his look into his character, in my opinion bro, it would be a thousand times better and I would have no issue with it. But when they call a guy like that a Prize Fighter, and he looks the way he does, that’s where the disconnect is for me.”

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