FOX and Roku Reach Deal to Continue Streaming – Details


FOX and Roku have reached an agreement to continue airing FOX Apps. This means FOX Sports, FOX Now, FOX News, and FOX Nation will continue to stream on ROKU.

You can check out their respective statements below:

FOX’s statement:

We are pleased to share that all FOX apps, including FOX Sports, FOX NOW, FOX News and FOX Nation, will continue to be on Roku. We are happy you can keep enjoying all of our great programming, including the Big Game in 4K and the season premiere of THE MASKED SINGER this Sunday.

Roku’s statement:

Dear Roku Customer, We are delighted that we reached an agreement to distribute FOX channels on the Roku platform. This Sunday, you can stream the Super Bowl for free through FOX Now and FOX Sports as well as the NFL channel. We hope you enjoy the game! Happy Streaming™ – Roku

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