Gabe Sapolsky Says He’s Not At NXT For A Tryout


In Triple H’s media call this past week, Triple H praised EVOLVE’s Gabe Sapolsky. This, along with recent comments from Drew McIntyre, led to rumors that Sapolsky was receiving a tryout with NXT. Below are Triple H’s comments on Sapolsky….

“I want to work with guys or groups that are in the business of cultivating talent….And I feel like there’s an opportunity on both sides, not only to get a feel for what each other does, from their point of view to learn how WWE does things, from my point of view to learn how they do things, I think there is always an opportunity to learn….if they are learning things from us on how we look at things and how we want talent to be, and what the things are that’s important for us for them to excel at, it helps them and they are cultivating talent and it helps them grow their business, which in turn helps support a feeder system for us, I think it’s important to have….there’s been a lot of speculation about Gabe Sapolsky. I like Gabe. I like what he does. I think he’s a smart guy that helps to get talent going in their careers and is a great place for them to work and he’s cultivating talent. When I have an opportunity for him to be around us, and learn from us, and I can bring him in, see how his mind works, and think, it’s good for everybody…If I feel like someone is a talent who can add to our product, add to enjoyment for fans and can


Saposky then released the following statement today…

“I need to thank Triple H for those humbling and nice words. It has been an invaluable learning experience being at NXT. I am all about talent development. My favorite part of this job is seeing talent learn, improve, grow and then realize their dreams. The lessons I have learned from Triple H, William Regal and everyone at NXT has made me better at my job. Everyone is incredible there. There is no talk of a writer’s job at NXT. I am not there for a tryout as has been rumored. I’m there because we all want to have the best tools and ideas possible to lead pro wrestling into the future. NXT is an opportunity for me to improve my skills, and then spread that knowledge to everyone in WWN, whether it is directly to our locker room, to those who participate in the Seminar/Tryout or anyone who joins our office staff with the New Promoter Initiative. Triple H always has the future of the business in mind and unselfishly opens up all avenues. The culture in NXT is amazing and my goal is to teach that in EVOLVE, FIP, Style Battle and the other brands so the next generation can learn what it takes to be successful.”

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