Gable Stevenson Comments On WWE Experience So Far, Possible WrestleMania 38 Appearance


WWE Superstar Gable Steveson was recently interviewed by KSTP as he spoke about his experience in WWE thus far, along with a possible WrestleMania 38 appearance and/or angle. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On finishing up his amateur run: “It’s not slowing down. Right when March ends I am going to be picking it up. I think I am going to head to WrestleMania, and probably do something. I don’t know what from there, you’ll see. It just picks up from there, there is no break.”


On his experiences with WWE thus far: “I do things here and there, there are sometimes I will go to Monday Night Raw, and I will show up and I’ll be in the back. Just sit around, and a lot of those times I am really just soaking it in. I’ll look at what Brock does throughout the whole time, I’ll look at Big E, I look at how they handle themselves, and keep it so when my time comes I am already hip to everything and I am ready to go.

“When I go to them, you really never see me on the stage. If someone takes a picture of me backstage, you’ll see me backstage, but I am really there just soaking in the energy. Like, pin-pointing everything they do and everything I see. There are times when I follow Kurt Angle on Instagram. He’ll post a video and I am looking at how he looks, how he talks, how he moves. So, when it’s my time I am perfecting it already.”

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