Gerald Brisco Says Vince McMahon Drove To His Home Following WWE Release


During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Gerald Brisco commented on his WWE release, Vince McMahon personally coming to his house following his departure, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how he felt about his release: “When I got free, I kind of took a deep breath, and people said, ‘Weren’t you pissed off?’ People were trying to get dirt from me. 36 years with one company, I got dirt, but do I choose to go there? No, because I just think back on the wonderful friendships I made. I was there day one for Undertaker, and I felt bad I couldn’t be their last night, but with this damn virus, we can’t do a lot of things that we want to do. I just respect the holy cow out of him. I just got wonderful memories of guys like Mark [Callaway], and Bruce [Prichard], and Vince [McMahon], and Shane, and Stephanie, and Hunter (Triple H) and even guys that I didn’t get along with, warrior-type guys that had those attitudes and those egos and Luger’s and all those guys. I still got along with them, and I respect them in their own little frame. They’re just in a little egg shell, and there’s so much more out there. So when Vince and I talked and agreed it was time to draw to an end, and I haven’t quit totally. I’m still out there scouting college kids. I got college kids all over the place I talk to. I’m going to give them direction. The eagerness in me to help these young men and women in college and independent wrestling to get to another level. that’s what’s inside of me, that’s what my mom taught me all my all my life, to give back. And this is a great opportunity.”

On his relationship with Vince McMahon: “We weren’t best of friends, but there were times where him and his dad would be in Florida for a holiday, and we’d be running showing in Miami or Lauderdale or Hollywood, Florida. And they would drop in, so I always had some type of relationship with Vince, and then I started to work for him. And when my brother and I decided to make the deal to start working for him, I started as a local promoter, basically doing Tampa, Florida and Florida. And then my town started doing well, and then all of a sudden, he thought, ‘Hey, would you like to do Georgia? We can’t get buildings in Carolina. You think you could help us?’ I’d make a trip to Carolina and talk to the building manager because of my relationship with the Crockett’s a from the old days. I was always looking at that business side because that’s where I knew I eventually wanted to end up was on the business side of this sport. That’s how I ended up getting a lucky start, done a lot of hard work. That’s how I ended up on on that side. From a local promotion, he brought me up, and I’ve done a plethora of jobs for Vince. I never really even had an official position with Vince, and one of the reasons why, I’ve probably been involved in more major decisions in that company than just about anybody from the very beginning. And I’ve never been on officer or never had an official title in that company, but I was involved in that, and I don’t know why. Maybe because Vince likes me? I doubt it. Because I had something to offer is more likely so I had a great relationship with him and have a great relationship with Vince.”

On Vince meeting with him post-firing: “Well, I was a real fortunate. We did a taping here right after I got let go matter of fact. I’ve got some [property] here in Keystone, FL, and Bruce knew about it. Bruce called me. ‘Hey, would you allow us to come in and do some filming? We want to do some filming with Bray Wyatt,’ and I said, ‘I got the perfect spot for it.’ So they did, and I was really shocked because Vince never shows up to these remote tapings or anything. And we got a phone call in the middle of the afternoon that Vince was coming by for me. He was going to drive over from Orlando. [He’s going to] have a car bring him over from Orlando, come over and say hello to me. It didn’t shock me that Bruce was coming over because Bruce is my brother, but it did shock me that Vince would take the time out of his schedule after flying all the way down from Connecticut, going through all the protocols and everything that you got to go through, get in the car and drive another hour and a half, come over and visit me for an hour and a half. So we got to talk a little bit. To get a relationship with Vince, takes effort on your part because Vince, contrary to what you see on TV, is not one of those guys that’s really in your face all the time. He’s media shy, he’s fan shy and he’s group shy. He’s not good in group conversation, but if you got something that you want to talk to Vince about business-wise, you can go to him and, you can ask a lot of people, his door’s always open. I hate it when people walk out of there with bad perceptions of Vince, and sometimes, I think it’s unfair. And sometimes, I think it’s right, but there’s more guys that don’t feel about how I feel about him, that feel about him like I do, so he’s a strange cat.”

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