Global Ambassador Titus O’ Neil Discusses The WWE NIL Program


In December 2021, WWE launched the NIL (Name, Image & Likeness) program, which, according to the official announcement, aims to “provide a clear pathway from collegiate athletics to WWE.” The program has since expanded, with WWE partnering with Exos in 2022 to provide more resources to the athletes and kicking off the Campus Rush recruitment tour.

In an interview with Fightful, WWE Global Ambassador Titus O’Neil, a former college football player himself, discussed how the NIL program is beneficial for college athletes. He said,


“It’s a huge game-changer. These athletes that are being signed to these NIL deals with WWE have a wonderful opportunity to expand their brands while they’re in college, but also, too, become a part of the WWE family a lot earlier and understand what it means to be a WWE superstar.”

O’Neil emphasized the importance of honoring the commitment made by both parties in the NIL program, stating that WWE is committed to honoring every NIL commitment and bringing the athletes into the WWE family. He added,

“For all the athletes out there, whether you’re an aspiring WWE superstar or not, understand that NIL is a commitment that’s being made by both sides. Honor that commitment. I know that we, as a company, are gonna honor every last one of our NIL commitments, and hopefully make sure that we can bring them into the family and keep them in the family.”

WWE has signed 46 members to the NIL program to date, including Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson from the University of Minnesota.

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