Goldberg Has A Challenge For Video Gamers


WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg recently took to Instagram and issued out a challenge to video gamers. The former WCW Champ called it the #100100100Challenge. He asks for gamers to get in front of the screen for 20 minutes and do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 punches:

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#100100100Challenge has begun!! I CHALLENGE EVERYONE TO BE A LEADER AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! For all of you who are obsessed with the video game craze, or have children who are, I’m talking to YOU!! I learned this routine early on and I’m quite grateful to share it with you all. You’re kids will hate you at first…… but the payoff for all involved is worth it. Spread the word and make the world a better place. Turn a negative action into a positive outcome!! IT’S ON YOU!!! Worst thing that could happen is you’ll have a kid that is more fit and self confident…Please don’t drop the ball! ***VARY THE EXERCISES TO FOCUS ON OTHER AREAS AND BREAK UP THE MONOTONY*** set your own exercises and the proper reward time ( I feel 20-30 minutes is MORE than fair as a reward) #100100100Challenge Remember…. 100 reps of 1 exercise, and so on until 300 reps are accomplished. #whosnext #yourenext #everyoneisnext @wwe #situps #pushups #punches #squats #kicks #pullups #knees #medicineball #godawgs @ronintactics @grantgust @getedge @chopper_chi @americantopteam @steveaustinbsr @c.t.ali.fletcher @georgiafootball @ufc @razorob @roynelsonmma @ricoverhoeven @mikeohearn @camacho100 @dc_mma @samgreco_k1 @sootyordpalung @robinvanroosmalen @simonmarcusno1 @warrensapp @jimmypedrousa @jimkelly1212 @richardwilk @renzograciebjj @cody_nolove @54urlacher @urijahfaber @kurtbusch @nascar @roncapps28 @brandonthetruthvera @dermonttidawson @davidarquette @knockoutcancer @motorator @carcastshow @glorykickboxing @chrisdaughtry @dodgeofficial @hectorlombard @hollyholm @madmike.123 @aenetworks @padres @rondarousey @syrius2 @therealherschel34 @vinceyoung10 @rodrigodefensivetactics @msthegunslinger @richardwilk @justintimberlake @kingjames @history @pedrocamberos_123 @robertoberst @syrius2 #spreadtheword •••••POST SOME VIDS OF YOUR KIDS ! ……AND PARENTS JOIN IN!••••• #bethesolution @usarmy @usnavy #airforce @marines #firstresponders #coaches #trainers #bodybuilding #goals #raisethemright

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