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Harry Smith and Natalya on British Bulldog’s Hall of Fame Induction


Harry Smith and Natalya discussed the announcement of the British Bulldog’s WWE Hall of Fame induction with Corey Graves on After the Bell. 

The British Bulldog will be inducted in the 2020 class during WrestleMania week. Smith will be inducting his father into the class. They have their reactions to the news, which you can read here: 

Smith: “You know, it’s been long overdue, but I’m really excited and glad to be inducting my father into the 2020 Hall of Fame. I mean, it’s something that’s great not only for my family but for the WWE Universe as well. And I’m so excited and jacked up about it.”

“I knew it was of course going to happen. It just was a matter of when. And I understand that the Hall of Fame’s not really a race, it’s not going anywhere and they need — we need a certain number of people and stars each year. You can’t just throw everybody in that first year, and then so it was just a matter of which year was gonna be the best fit obviously. And here we ware in 2020, it’s awesome and it’s a long time coming.”

Natalya: “It feels like the time has never been better. And the fact that you know, we look at how much WWE has grown since the heyday of the British Bulldog. You look at even just English wrestling. And so many people – not just English wrestlers, but so many people in our industry say that it was the British Bulldog that inspired them to want to get to WWE. And they look back on that match that Bret and Davey had at Wembley Stadium in 1992, and they say, ‘That was the match that I watched, that was the match that inspired me to do this.’ And I feel like that’s truly what makes a Hall of Famer, is how much they inspire people. And Davey’s just — his work and his legacy, and being the British Bulldog has just stood the test of time. And he’s still so relevant to the culture of WWE today.”

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