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NewsHearing Held For G-Raver’s Drug & DUI Case, Arraignment Set For January

Hearing Held For G-Raver’s Drug & DUI Case, Arraignment Set For January



Pwinsider reports that a preliminary hearing has been set for indie star Brandon “G-Raver” Graver’s drug and DUI charges. Graver recently appeared in front of the Central Court for Huntingdon County in Pennsylvania. His charges in relation to his DUI and drug-related issues have been transferred to The Court of Common Pleas.

Graver was assigned a public defender and is set to be arraigned on January 5th at 9:00 AM ET. He was initially arrested last Thursday after being found “slouched over” with another man in a car. He claimed to have snorted 10 bags of heroin, and a search of the vehicle turned up over 25 grams of possible meth, marijuana, other heroin packets, shrooms, Alprazolam, paraphernalia, and just over $180.

Graver and the man he was found with are looking at charges of felony manufacture, deliver, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, and other misdemeanor charges. Currently, Graver is still in jail as he has been unable to pay his $75,000 bail.

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