Hulk Hogan Talks TNA Booking, Working With Eric Bischoff


Credit: Newsday

Hulk Hogan recently spoke about the booking of the Aces and 8s angle and more. Here are the highlights…

On working with Eric Bischoff outside of wrestling with his speaking engagements: “Eric would fill in the blanks and kind of ask really good probing questions because he knows me so well because I’ve worked in so many different companies with him. He would kind of take the audience in a train of thought. And it gets crazy, man. So we can say we’re going to go X amount of time, and depending on the energy in the room with the people once we talk interacting — it gets really fun.”

How writing has been different with Aces & Eights: “Well, there’s a plan … Long term is that we actually have people writing backwards — you know, from two years out backwards, or a year backwards, or six months out backwards. So they do have direction instead of a week-to-week situation.”

On Jimmy Hart Running His ‘Hogan’s Beach’ Restaurant In Tampa: “I swear to God, he runs it all day with a megaphone and with the jacket with the keyboard keys running down the sleeve. That’s how people want to see him.”

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