Hurricane Helms Responds To Vince Russo’s Dumb Comments About Hell In A Cell


During Sportskeeda’s “Legion of RAW” podcast, former WWE and WCW creative team writer Vince Russo had some criticisms for the Hell in a Cell match that main evented Monday’s RAW broadcast. The match saw Bobby Lashley defeating Xavier Woods.

For those who didn’t hear Russo’s comments, he wasn’t happy that Kofi Kingston wasn’t climbing the cage to help Woods. He said,

“We know Kofi is wrestling Lashley, so Xavier Woods is not going over, okay? So we’re at the end of the show, he’s got Woods in the Hurt Lock, and Kofi is on the other side of the cage screaming, ‘Let him go, let him go.’ At what point is Kofi going to climb the cage? I’m watching this and I’m like at any point are you going to try and get in the cage to help your friend?”

Current WWE producer Shane “Hurricane” Helms saw Russo’s comments and took to Twitter to react. He said Russo must not have watched the match, as the reason Kingston didn’t climb the cage was because it was the Hell in a Cell structure, and the top wasn’t open. Helms said,

“The fact that he asked why Kofi didn’t climb the cage suggests that he didn’t even watch it. It’s Hell in a Cell, the top wasn’t open.”

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