Io Shirai Is Not Signing With The WWE As She Has Returned To STARDOM


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It appears as if Io Shirai will not be signing with the WWE after her much anticipated arrival from the STARDOM promotion. When Shirai left STARDOM originally, she did her farewell & stated that she would be taking time off to heal her neck problems. When she went to do her tests with WWE, they found out about her neck issues. There was never an official word that WWE decided not to sign Shirai because of her neck issues, but when they discovered them in her physical, they did stall on offering her a deal.

WWE wanted Shirai to take some time off to heal her injuries; she did just that & was cleared by doctors, but nothing happened following that. Shirai then contacted STARDOM’s President, Rosey Ogawa and told him that she received some bad news & was ready to return to the promotion. She returned to STARDOM on July 30th and will also be competing in the Five-Star Grand Prix tournament, which is their version of the G1 Climax.

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