Jack Evans Appreciates The Way Tony Khan & AEW Handled His Departure From The Company


Jack Evans’ contract with All Elite Wrestling expired at the end of April and it wasn’t renewed.

During a recent appearance on Chris Van Vliet’s “Insight” podcast, the now-former AEW star commented on his departure from the promotion and appreciating the way Tony Khan and the company went about it.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his exit from the company: “I don’t have any bad experiences or anything. Like I said in a follow-up tweet, I don’t want to diss myself, but I kind of understand where they are coming from. I don’t actually feel that I was giving added value to the company. Obviously, me being on that AEW salary contract and on TV is awesome, but it wasn’t a bitter breakup or anything and I understood where they were coming from. It wasn’t something out of left field.”

On AEW waiting out the full contract length: “One thing that I want to put AEW over for is waiting the whole contract and not just, ‘okay, we signed him, we don’t want this guy anymore, dump him next week.’ I didn’t want to get involved because those Twitter fights are eternal, but it started this huge Twitter fight and I’m like, ‘I feel that’s the way to handle it’ … I like that they honor the length they told you they were going to give you.”

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