Jack Swagger On If He Would Like A Reunion With Dutch Mantell In Impact Wrestling


During the most recent edition of Still Real To Us’s podcast; “Still Real Radio”, Jack Swagger joined the show. Swagger is currently a free agent & the topic of him possibly working with his former manger in WWE & current Impact Wrestling talent Dutch Mantell (Zeb Colter) came up.

Here’s what Swagger had to say:


“Yeah I would absolutely love to work with Dutch again. I think if he’s given the right resources, him and Jeff might be able to really put out a good product. I know the company that took them over, they know TV, so it should be a good mix of pro wrestling minds and TV minds. So it will be exciting to see what comes out of it. Riding with Dutch, I should have been paying him for all those times that I got to drive him, very, very endearing man. He’s gonna kill me for saying that. He really cares about people and you can see that because he wants to help. He’s not a cocky man, but I really feel like he knows what he’s talking about, so he’s not afraid to speak his mind.”

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