Jazz Speaks On Being Interested In Signing With Impact Wrestling, Being NWA Women’s Champion


NWA World Women’s Champion and former WWE Diva Jazz was the special guest on the latest episode of Women’s Wrestling Weekly. Here are the highlights.

Wanting to go to Impact Wrestling:

“If there is a company I would like to be a part of, it would be Impact. Because it’s a smaller company, there are not 100 girls in the back fighting for a spot and it seems like they are more family oriented. It reminds me of ECW. It’s not a billion dollar company but everyone there is happy and seems to love their job and love working with one another. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Being NWA Women’s Champion:

“I start defending my title in October. But, let me tell you one thing… this is going to be my legacy. I’m not going out like *****, no! I’m not just going to lay down and give this belt away. Motherf–ker step in the ring with me for this title, they going to [have to] earn it. I’m the only person of color to hold this title, you know that’s history right there. So, I’m not laying down, I’m busting my ass every day to show the world why I am the NWA Women’s World Champion and why I should continue to be the NWA Women’s World Champion. That’s why I’m not understanding why I wasn’t apart of All In.”

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