JBL Claps Back At Senators For Criticizing WWE In Saudi Arabia


Former WWE Champion John Layfield joined “FOX Business” this morning and discussed WWE’s decision to visit Saudi Arabia for their “Crown Jewel” show has been poorly received. WWE has received a lot of criticism for not having backed out of the show given the controversy around a Saudi journalist being kidnapped and murdered.

The show is scheduled to go down on November 2nd. Layfield confirmed that, from what he has heard, the plan is still for WWE to go through with the show:

“From what I understand, yes, the idea is that WWE is gonna go there. The official line is that they are monitoring the situation. My personal opinion is that they should go.”

Layfield proceeded to go off on US Senators for criticizing WWE for their decision to go to Saudi Arabia:

“For these guys to hide behind their patriotism and show their flag waving to me, I think to try to improve their abysmal approval ratings to me is wrong. WWE has been at the forefront of change and you want to change Saudi Arabia, you send something like WWE there.”

Check out the clip here below:

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