JBL Defends The Rock From Backstage Critics + Cena Tweets


— John Cena tweeted the following after RAW last night: “Well after bout 40 hours daytona is done. Congrats to the 17. Solid effort by Jr as well. Wish id been there..but had some bidness to handle.”

— JBL posted the following on Facebook, defending the Rock from backstage critics.

I hear the resentment/jealousy of the Rock backstage and I quite frankly don’t believe it. Four of the world’s biggest superstars in Cena, Rock, Undertaker and Triple H will headline WM-this is huge for WWE and the business-guys should be dying to be on this card and my guess is they are.

It’s very simple to those who do have any problem with it, if there is anyone truly that does-replace them and there won’t be a spot for them. Until then just say ‘thanks!’ There is a reason why Jericho and others can always come back-they earned that right and they still draw. Shawn Michaels does as well. CM Punk and John Cena earned the right to be on top.

If these guys ever quit drawing then they know it’s time to hang it up-that hasn’t happened yet, and I hope it won’t. Piper and Diesel are guys who still draw interest and create buzz. Shows how great these guys are that they still create interest-it’s Darwinian, once they stop or are replaced then you won’t see them anymore. Batista would draw if he decides to return.

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