Jeff Cobb Comments On Injury Status, Pro Wrestling NOAH


Jeff Cobb was recently interviewed on the Wrestling Podcast as he spoke about his injury, which in fact is simply a pulled muscle, and if he keeps tabs on Pro Wrestling NOAH. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being out due to a pulled muscle: “I’ve been studying and writing [Japanese]. I was supposed to go to some classes soon. But, I kinda pulled a muscle, so I can’t really — I had to take some time off. But I’ll be back up [feeling healthy] and soon, and when I have some downtime I’ll be taking [classes] so that’s cool. I mean, as of now, it’s just pretty much, like, I have an app that helps me, which is great, and I have friends to teach me so it’s great.”

On if he’s been keeping up with Pro Wrestling NOAH: “No, because I only worry about myself, whatever [I know of] them is what I read in the magazines, or what I’ve seen [from] them. As a professional wrestler, I don’t take anything away from them. But as far as for me personally, they haven’t, they’ve done like — they invaded night two in the Tokyo Dome, which kind of pissed me off because it took away from everybody else on the card. But, you know, I feel like maybe they’re scared because they’re only going after, like LIJ, and they’re talking smack about Okada, or this or that. Funny enough, they haven’t even come along and messed [with] or even said anything at [United] Empire. So, maybe they’re smarter than they look.”

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