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NewsJesse Ventura Looks Back On His WWE Departure, Winning His Lawsuit Against...

Jesse Ventura Looks Back On His WWE Departure, Winning His Lawsuit Against Them



Jesse Ventura was the guest on the latest episode of the Steve Austin show, and here are some of the highlights down below:

Being kicked out of WWE: The final straw was, ‘I own Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura.’ I own the copyright of it and I refused to let him have it without him giving me some type of royalties for it. And I had a video game, at the time, that was interested in using me, and Vince wouldn’t let me do it. And that’s when I quit and left him because I said, ‘Vince, you don’t own me. I own me. I was Jesse ‘The Body’ before I ever came here [to WWE].’ He couldn’t allow anyone out of the circle.”

Defeating WWE in the royalties lawsuit: “The reason I beat him in court was, he could have won because he’s not required to pay royalties, but it came out in court that certain people were getting royalties. It’s called quantum meruit. [Hulk] Hogan got royalties. Cyndi Lauper got royalties. Mr. T got royalties. Yep [they were kayfabing everyone else] and they lied in negotiations.”

Putting Steve Austin over on commentary in WCW: “Because I liked [Austin]. I saw talent in [Austin]. I saw talent when I went to WCW, and, I’ll tell you honestly, I went there just for the money. They gave me big money to come down because I was a steal from Vince.”

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