Jim Cornette Reacts To Viral Bloody Tampon Spot


We’ve recently noted that a viral spot involving former WWE Mae Young Classic competitor┬áPriscilla Kelly is making the rounds on social media. Kelly pulled out a used and bloody tampon from her trunks and proceeded to shove it in her opponent’s mouth.

The spot has been a highly controversial one, and has received mixed reactions. Professional wrestling legend Jim Cornette took to Twitter and explained why spots like this, also mentioning Joey Ryan’s gimmick, is “killing wrestling”:

“People want my take so I’ll give it direct to you–I expect nothing else from outlaw mud show “rasslers”, male or female, cause none of you can work. But to defend your bullshit by starting “Well, it’s all fake”? THAT’S why you, dick guy & others are killing wrestling. Fuck you.”

“You didn’t go NEARLY as far as you should have, as I did, or as I will continue to–just tweet out a picture of the goof’s face when she asks for a job someday and gets laughed out of Stamford. These fake play rasslers, male or female, need their asses blackballed AND kicked.”

“Anyone who calls themselves a “pro wrestler”, yet defends any stupid thing they’ve done with telling fans “It’s fake anyway”, male or female, is a piece of shit and should be boiled in oil and have the fat sold for soap. These maggots on the carcass of the business disgust me.”

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