Jim Cornette Reveals Who The Better Performer Was – Shawn Michaels Or Bret Hart


During a recent edition of his “Jim Cornette Experience” podcast, Jim Cornette compared Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels as performers. Cornette said,

“Bret was f**king…he was a high level worker. He was an elite-level worker. When you compare him with Michaels as far as, you know…it’s apples and oranges, because it was a completely different style and Bret would probably punch me. But I mean, Michaels…was the best performer in the business in that episode for a few years there in the ’90s. But Bret I think, to be quite honest, was on top and obviously more responsible with it for longer. I don’t remember him ever taking his ball and going home.”

You can listen to some audio from the podcast below:

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