Jim Ross Assumes Jerry Lawler Will Be Back By December


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry. Check out a couple highlights:

On Ryback vs. Punk at Hell in a Cell: “Ryback vs. Punk Sunday inside Hell in a Cell is a head-scratcher when attempting to pick a winner. Either Ryback takes his first loss or he leaves the new, WWE Champion. I’m as anxious to see the outcome of Sunday’s PPV Main Event as is the next guy… I’ve read some amazingly ridiculous theories on the WWE Title bout online, but I prefer to draw my conclusions after I have seen the match. Execution, as always, is the key. That’s not new news or overly insightful, but it is a fact.”

On Jerry Lawler’s potential TV return: “I am not sure when (Jerry Lawler) is going to return to work but I’m ASSUMING it will be this year, which means sometime in November or December. I’m happy to keep King’s chair warm until the doctor’s say that he can resume weekly travel, etc. to broadcast Raw on Monday nights. Jerry’s feeling great and seems to improve daily. He’s relaxing and enjoying life. Every time I think of his heart attack, I think of just how lucky Jerry is to be alive and that if he hadn’t been where he was when the attack occurred that he would likely have died.”

You can read JR’s full blog by clicking here.

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