Jim Ross Blogs: 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame, RAW, Sandow


Credit: JRSBARBQ.com

Jim Ross posted a new blog over the weekend. Here are some highlights…

On Damien Sandow: Very impressed with the recent work of @DamienSandow. he’s really evolving on the mic and his aggression inside the ring when timely is noticeable. Another driven talent who re-invented himself in NXT after a somewhat inauspicious tenure in with another persona.

On The 2014 WWE Hall of Fame: My only take on the 2014 WWE HOF, that will take place in New Orleans, is that it should not, in my personal opinion, have more than two posthumous inductees. One would be ideal for me but two is my personal, limit.

On RAW’s Announce Team: Happy that @MichaelCole has added @JCLayfield to the Raw broadcast team along with mainstay @JerryLawler but I wish that JBL and the King would engage each other with a little more debate in a timely fashion. I can envision the ‘tense moments’ that could occur between the talkative Texan and one of the greatest talkers ever in the biz to be great assets to an already talented trio. BTW…check out the @LayfieldReport.

If you’re interested, you can read the full blog by clicking here.

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