Jim Ross Blogs On Alberto El Patron To Lucha Underground, Brock Lesnar/Royal Rumble, More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On Brock Lesnar and this Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV: “After all this speculation wouldn’t it be interesting if Lesnar retains Sunday in Philly and then headlines WM31 against either Bryan or Reigns? Lots of balls in the air it seems which kee many fans like me on our toes trying to figure out what’s going on. I’ve found that it’s much easier to simply not over think these matters and just enjoy the events as they happen and then evaluate what one has seen.”

On the “Road to WrestleMania”: “The Rumble has the potential to really jump start the Road to WrestleMania and I’m anxious to enjoy it on the WWE Network. This is a great opportunity for WWE to get people talking about the Royal Rumble which in turn helps promote WM31.”

On Alberto El Patron’s Lucha Underground debut: “Saw Where Alberto El Patron made his debut on Lucha Underground which seems to be a good ‘get’ for the fledging promotion.”

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