Jim Ross Blogs: Punk’s Heel Turn, UFC’s Growth, & More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On CM Punk’s Heel Turn: Is @CMPunk now a wrestling villain? Depends on who you ask and what side of the aisle one sits. Punk made a great deal of sense on several points he addressed when speaking on Raw Monday night. However, I do see the talented wrestler traveling in the direction of the ‘badlands’ or so it seems. Nice reason to stay tuned.

On Three Hour Raws: Do I like the three hour Raw broadcasts? So far, yes. As long as the shows are entertaining, unpredictable and feature ample in ring action, I think I will be fine with it but that extra hour really leaves little margin for error. I’m hopeful that the three hour format facilitates more, new athletes being introduced on the flagship show. Our society in general has little patience which is why, I assume, that major motion pictures are in the 2 hour plus range.

On the Growth of the UFC: Thoughts on UFC? They are growing so fast that it’s beginning to show in some areas including having the essential same look of their PPV’s for seemingly an extended length of time. Plus, UFC doesn’t seem to have a ‘go to’ weekly, TV show that one can always easily find and get caught up and plug into UFC’s resident star making device. UFC hardcore fans likely will disagree with this opinion. Bottom line is that PPV’s are driven by attractions IE stars with name identity who are embroiled in a personal issue or fighting for a meaningful championship. Same holds true in sports entertainment. However, at the end of the day, I am a big MMA fan and spend plenty of dollars on UFC PPV events. With that said, one PPV a month from UFC, or anyone, is plenty.

On His Failed Nickname For Undertaker: What does Booger Red mean? It was a failed nickname for the Undertaker that I came up with figuratively that took a Ric Flair face bump. Booger Red was not only the nickname of former Texas Linebacker and HOF’er Tommy Nobis, who was a gridiron beast, but also a famous Texas quarterhorse. Taker is a natural redhead and if you look up the word ‘booger’ in the dictionary you will ‘get it.’ But the mere fact that I’ve had to take this much time to describe it equates to the name bombing. Can’t win them all.

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