Jim Ross Says Reigns Is “A Work In Progress”, Thinks Lesnar Would Beat Shamrock In Their Prime


Jim Ross did a new Q&A on his website, here are the highlights…

On who would win a fight in their prime – Brock Lesnar or Ken Shamrock: “It would be a helluva fight but Lesnar’s size advantage would be hard for Ken to overcome. But to say that Brock would have no chance is questionable.”

On Roman Reigns and the crowd reactions he gets: “Reigns is a work in progress and I am not concerned whether he is a fan favorite or villain. I like his work and his TV persona will continue to evolve.”

On Billy Corgan buying the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA): “Billy is a friend and I hope that he maximizes his investment. I am still not sure what he bought or what his long term plans are for the NWA but I’m pulling for Billy and company.”

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