Jim Ross: ‘Sting Is A WWE Hall Of Fame Shoo-In’ + More


Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website. The highlights are below:

On his debut “Ross Report” podcast and future guests: “Austin will be back for Ross Report #2 next week followed by Mauro Ranallo, Trish Stratus, and Mick Foley. I’ve got some great guests coming on to shoot the breeze. Thanks for listening.”

On why Ron Simmons was more successful as part of a tag-team in WWE: “Hmmm…he did well in both roles especially being pivotal launching Rock from the Nation. The APA thing with JBL was good too and garnered a great deal of TV time. They were two different presentations that were both executed well.”

On if Sting never working for WWE will prevent him from going into the WWE Hall Of Fame: “Absolutely not. I would bet a case of JR’s BBQ Sauce that Sting is in the WWE HOF within 2-3 years.”

On if he feels Damien Sandow is being underutilized in WWE: “I’d agree that Sandow could be more of a force. That’s partly WWE’s fault and partly the talents. To be great it takes a partnership between company and talent.”

You can read Jim’s full Q&A section by clicking here.

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