Jim Ross Talks CM Punk vs. Ryback At Hell In A Cell + More


Jim Ross has updated his blog for JRsbarbq.com and gave his thoughts on the upcoming CM Punk vs. Ryback world title match at the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV:

The pressure of being in the main event on PPV: “Ryback will feel great pressure to deliver on Sunday and there’s nothing wrong with that. Any talent who tries to maintain that they’re “cooler than the other side of the pillow” on Game Day, IE a PPV, is fooling themselves and providing a disservice to everyone involved in the equation. I’ve done my share of PPV broadcasts over the years and I assure you that I will be nervous/anxious to do my very best work Sunday in a new role for me on PPV and likely within a challenging, three man broadcast team that I assume will be comprised by @MichaelCole and @JCLayfield along with yours truly. Damn right I’ll be nervous but I take great pride in my work and getting the opportunity to return to the PPV announce team is big for me.”

On what we can expect at Hell in a Cell: “I see a ‘hungry,’ no pun intended, Ryback, whose WWE career has not been without challenges, fully realize the opportunity that has presented itself and will have the best bout that any of us have ever seen from the powerhouse. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If any broadcaster goes into a show feeling negative about the event that they’re going to broadcast then the broadcast suffers and the fans get cheated. I’m not going to cheat any fans. I see Punk pulling out all the stops to make this likely, show closing main event memorable and to add even more respect from his peers and to take another step closer to legitimately being regarded as ‘The Best in the World.'”

Ross on calling the PPV in Atlanta: “For those that have followed my career, you know that this Sunday’s event is going to be special for me. I’m being provided the opportunity to return to broadcast a WWE PPV in a city that I loved living in and where a nice portion of my professional legacy was established back in the WCW days. “

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