Jim Ross & Taz Comment On AEW Being Much Better Than NXT, & More


During the AEW Dynamite post-game show, Jim Ross, Taz and Excalibur commented on AEW currently putting on a better product than NXT, and more. You can check out some highlights from the show below:

Jim Ross on AEW vs. NXT: “This is going to sound like real ass-kissy, but why is there even a choice on Wednesday night? You know, DVR NXT, watch it later. Our s**t’s better. And I’m proud to be able to say that. And it’s not in defiance, it’s just in reality.”

Taz on NXT: “I don’t even remember the last time I’ve watched that show. That’s no bulls**t, I don’t give a rat’s ass about it. I respect the men and women there, you know, that are bumping and working. I’m not trying to be a homer, I don’t give a s**t if someone thinks I am. I’m so locked into what we do that I don’t really give a rats ass.”

Ross on criticizing AEW for referencing WWE: “Well, here’s the deal, man. Do any of the TV shows, the online shows, the streaming shows that WWE does, they ever mention us? S**t No. They’re arrogant, they’re omnipotent. They’re the king of the mountain. So we — here’s us going on our YouTube channel, trying to build this entity. Here’s us going on Wednesday night on TNT trying to build that brand, and I mention guys all the time that had WWE backgrounds. So f**king what?”

Taz on AEW referencing WWE: “You’ll get people that’ll make comments on the YouTube gimmick where they make comments, saying ‘Oh, there it is again. AEW complaining about WWE.’ No, dumbs**ts. What we’re doing is, we’re not insulting your intelligence, and we’re acknowledging WWE. They are the ones insulting your intelligence. We bring them up because they are there. They are relevant and so are we. Whenever we mention ratings or whatever, in social media, it’s because we’re being transparent.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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