Jinder Mahal On If He’s Ever Been Drug Tested In WWE, Talks His Physique & Current Push


The current WWE Champion, “The Maharajah”, Jinder Mahal recently spoke with ESPN about numerous topics including; his physique, people such as Ryback questioning it, his current WWE push & Vince McMahon trusting him.

Here are the highlights: (transcripts by WrestlingINC)

People Like Ryback Questioning His Physique:

“I’ve been tested plenty and never failed one.”

His Physique:

“When I train hard, I look better. I see the way I look on TV or in the mirror and it gives me confidence. It translates into the ring. I have more confidence in the ring and can be more aggressive. If you saw me from a few years ago, the confidence level is night and day and that’s because of the way I look.”

Jinder’s Current Push:

“I know Vince appreciates wrestlers taking initiative, putting in the hard work. He had confidence in me, he knew I would embrace the opportunity and not let WWE down. I think I have been proving that in my matches ever since.”

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