Jinder Mahal On His Main Event Push, Talks Being An “Outsider” & Gives His Thoughts On The Great Khali


The current WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal, recently spoke with The Indian Times and discussed his new-found success in the WWE. Jinder also went over how he believes the next breakout star in WWE, will be from India.

Here are the highlights:


Jinder On His Main Event Push:

“The viewers and the fans hesitate to see me as a main-event guy. That is a challenge, my biggest challenge. Right now, my goal is to change people’s perception and make them believe that I belong here and that I deserve to be the champion. I don’t think the ascension has been really quick; people saw the rise but didn’t get to see the hard work I put in on the independent circuit over the last few years after I was released by the WWE. That got me here and that counts too.”

Being An “Outsider”:

“Definitely, as an Indian, I’m seen as an outsider and definitely, the jeers come from that. But I enjoy it, I even encourage it. Whatever noise they make when I’m in the ring, it motivates me, drives me to do better. I enjoy those jibes so I’m not affected by that at all.”

Jinder On His Plans For Success:

“I’ve been champion for less than a month now. I want to remain champion for a long time and be remembered as one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time, definitely a future Hall of Famer, this is just the beginning.”

Jinder’s Thoughts On The Great Khali:

“The Great Khali truly is one of a kind. He is a role model and one of my best friends. I look up to him as an older brother, so I am looking forward to filling his shoes. He represented India on the global stage for years and I feel it’s my turn to do that now. I’d love to see the Great Khali back in the WWE some day, maybe have a tag team match with him and me in one team in front of the Indian fans. He has been a great wrestler and champion, but I think we should look towards the future too and focus on the next generation of Indian WWE superstars and who after me, can be the next WWE Champion from India. Because I sincerely believe that with the talent and passion India has, the next breakout WWE superstar will be from India.”

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