Joey Styles Speaks With Bret Hart, HBK & Steve Austin


In an interview for, Joey Styles spoke with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels about the WWE Network announcement. Here are highlights:

Austin on being there for the announcement: “I was actually a bit [ticked] off that I had to be there, because I had just gotten back from Texas, I was out of shape, I hadn’t really unpacked my bags from being at the ranch for two months. But I was so proud and happy that I went. Way back in the day when I started out in 1990, I would have never envisioned that the business would ever turn to this or someone would have the vision to do it. Vince McMahon was standing right in front of me, about two feet away, and I slapped him on the back two times and I said, “That’s impressive.” And I left that thing being extremely impressed with what WWE has come up with now.”

Hart on the first matches he will watch: “To be honest, I’d love to go back and watch a lot of [King Kong] Bundy’s matches. I miss guys like Bundy. There’s just not a guy like Bundy in wrestling today, you know? Even guys like Jake “The Snake” [Roberts]. I look back at my career and I go, “What a shame, I never wrestled Jake “The Snake” one time.” It’s too bad we never got to work at least one match.”

HBK on overlooked matches of his that will be available: “One that I particularly like that doesn’t get a lot of fanfare was my Intercontinental Title Match with “Double J” Jeff Jarrett in Nashville [at In Your House 2: The Lumberjacks]. I thought it was a good, fun match. Another one that I think about is the one I had with Randy Orton where I couldn’t use Sweet Chin Music [from Survivor Series 2007]. Not being able to use my signature move caused me to wrestle in a way that I didn’t traditionally wrestle. It’s one of those things that might mean more to me than anybody else, but the psychology going into that one was pretty cool. And I’ll always talk about the one with Mick [Foley] at [In Your House 10: Mind Games]. That one gets a fair amount of talk now, but it flew under the radar for a long time.”

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