John Morrison Wins Gold on First Post-WWE Appearance


John Morrison became the World Wrestling Fan Xperience (WWFX) Champion last night in the Philippines by beating Shelton Benjamin. In Morrison’s first post-WWE wrestling appearance, he scooped a brand new championship on a card stacked with former WWE talent.


Morrison played the babyface in a match that saw a ref bump and Benjamin attempt to use the championship belt to help him get the win. Morrison eventually scooped the win with his WWE signature move, Starship Pain.

After the match, Morrison celebrated with the other faces on the card including his girlfriend Melina.

Elsewhere, Luke Gallows was using his straight edge gimmick and the crowd chanted ‘CM Punk’ at one point during his match.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Carlito’s match against Snitsky didn’t receive a positive reaction at all. A lot of the match happened in the crowd and the parts of the crowd where they didn’t fight lost interest. Carlito acknowledged the poor match on Twitter and said: “WWFX put on a great wrestling show here in mabila! My match on the other hand was…barely considered wrestling! After tonight…a lot of people might ask me to retire, lol!”


1. Jimmy Yang beat Billy Gunn

2. Hurricane Helms beat Shawn Daivari

3. Melina beat Jillian Hall

4. Rhyno beat Luke Gallows

5. Carlito beat Gene Snitsky

6. MVP beat Chris Masters

7. John Morrison beat Shelton Benjamin

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