Jon Moxley Reveals Why The Shield “Beat The Sh*t” Out of Ryback


During his Starrcast panel over the weekend, AEW Superstar Jon Moxley revealed why The Shield worked so stiff early on, and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On the Shield working stiff early on: “We were pasting these motherfuckers at the beginning. I remember the first night we were attacking Ryback and I remember CM Punk pulled us aside and being like — because at this point we were like with him — and him being like, this is probably just paranoia because Ryback is a sweetheart but he was like, ‘People are going to be told not to sell for you. Somebody is probably in Ryback’s ear telling him not to sell for you. So make sure he does.’ So that was all we needed to hear. I was like, ‘well, fuck him then.’ So we literally just beat the shit out of him.”

On the locker room atmosphere at the time: “It was a different, more tense locker room back then. Guys didn’t get opportunities as much. If you were in FCW, your chances of getting out and getting a spot were slim. And if you did, being successful at it and not getting buried and swallowed up really quickly were slim. You had like the top guys, like the Cenas and Ortons and all them. And for new young guys to come right into the mix was pretty rare and we were not gonna let it get taken away.”

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