​JR Blogs On RAW – D-Bryan Booking, Wyatts, Sheamus’ Title Win


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here
are the highlights…

On The Booking of Daniel Bryan: I
wasn’t crazy about WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan seemingly retreating from
Kane but I mark it off to DB simply wanting to protect his wife and doing what
he can to keep her out of harm’s way. This matter needed to be explained better
because one can’t have the company’s top champion being reluctant of physically
engaging with anyone. I am of the opinion that this Daniel Bryan/Kane storyline
needs better explanation for the TV audience and if nothing else for more viable
questions to be asked that encourage the audience to mentally invest in what
they are seeing.

On Sheamus Winning The US Title:
Sheamus winning the US title in the Battle Royal was a solid start to RAW with
good action and featuring multiple talents. Dean Ambrose US title reign albeit
long was uneventful and perhaps Sheamus can help add value to the long time
title. I could also see Sheamus trading in his protagonist jersey for an
antagonist one sooner than later. Sheamus is a very smart talent who, I think,
would be able to add the necessary heel nuances to his game.

Wade Barrett:
Enjoyed the villain subtleties of the new IC Champion
Wade Barrett who actually cheated to gain an unfair advantage before disposing
of Big E. When more pro wrestling villains learn the strategic ways to gain
unfair advantages they will find that their TV personas mean more thus they
increase their earnings potential. It’s not rocket science and is simply common
sense and not over thinking things while others attempt to try to reinvent the

On The Wyatt Family: The continued creative
development of the Wyatt Family has my interest even though I have no idea where
it is going. I love Bray Wyatt’s promos and his in ring work as big men with a
second gear are so marketable and so hard to find. Until Bray does something so
heinous that the audience turns on him he’s going to continue to travel the
cool, unique antagonist road that really isn’t a traditional heel road at all.
It is however a star road and perhaps it’s more important to develop pure stars
in today’s market, in the mind of some, than it is to develop traditional pro
wrestling villains. Time will tell how it all works out but I am enjoying the
evolution nonetheless.

On Raw’s Closing Segment: The
final segment of RAW was big time as it featured the company’s most relevant
grouping of stars in an action packed, fast moving finale to the three hour
marathon. By the time the three hours and 15 commercial breaks come and go it is
more often than not the last thing that one sees that sticks with them the
longest. If you remember something that happens early in the night, then that
content is generally a keeper or is so ridiculous it’s like that song that one
can’t get out of their head.

Updates on His Podcast:
Today (Tuesday) at approximately 6 pm pacific time our much anticipated Ross
Report Podcast with the great Shawn Michaels will be available for FREE
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confident that you are going to enjoy it immensely. Later today I will be
speaking with ESPN’s Michelle Beadle for a future Ross Report which I am looking
forward to very much. Michelle is a star at ESPN and a life long pro wrestling
fan who is also one of the funniest and most entertaining personalities on all
of television. Next week’s podcast guest on the Ross Report is @Goldberg which
is another eye opening conversation. We’ll find out “Who’s Next?” for Bill

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