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Jim Ross Says Donald Trump Was “More Interested In The Divas” Than Anything Else In WWE



AEW commentator and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has said that Donald Trump was “more interested in the Divas” than any other part of WWE.

The now-former United States President was part of WrestleMania 23’s ‘Battle of the Billionaires’ where his representative Bobby Lashley defeated Mr. McMahon’s Umaga in 2007.

On the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Ross discussed the show and Trump’s interest in the Divas that weren’t part of his on-screen storyline:

“I had several conversations with him and he kind of relied on me to translate some of the wrestling-speak which I did, the best I could. He seemed to me to be more interested in the divas than the rest of the show. ‘Who’s she, what’s that one,’ that kind of thing. But I can’t say that’s a mistake, he’s a healthy red-blooded American man and sometimes his little head thinks for his big head, hell, I don’t know.”

Ross also spoke about Trump’s son who accompanied him during the run-up to WrestleMania 23:

“His son, I can’t remember which one it was, was really scary, dorky. His facial expressions, like he was a secret service guy and he couldn’t beat his way out of a paper bag.”

During his presidency, Trump would use footage of his WrestleMania 23 involvement to attack CNN.

In February 2020, former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres claimed Trump had “forcefully grabbed” her during an appearance in 2009.

Trump lost the U.S. 2020 Presidential Election to Joe Biden and has teased running again in 2024.

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