Justin Roberts Reacts to “Dark Side of the Ring” Episode Featuring Chris Benoit, Watch It Here


Former WWE and current AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts took to Instagram on Saturday, posting a photo of himself and Chris Benoit. This comes after he watched the season two premiere of Dark Side of the Ring looking at Chris Benoit. He said,

“I just got hit hard by the Chris Benoit episode of @darksideofthering, which was very well done.

This brought back so many memories from that period in time, which were hard to wrap my mind around-then and again, now. Hearing the stories from some of my brothers and sisters who were so close to him, you could feel their pain and it helped tell the story, but also hurt to watch. An IG hug goes out to David, Sandra, Chris, Vickie, Chavo, Dean, Julie etc. It’s such a complex subject that has always been hard to talk about. This is an excellent documentary and I think you get as much information as you can possibly get, for a situation where there can never be enough information to understand how this could have happened.

Part 1 is available to watch right now on @vice YouTube and the full episode will premiere this Tuesday, March 24 at 9PM ET/PT on @vicetv and @CraveCanada”

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