Kenny Omega Says AEW “Wasn’t A Good Fit” For Cody Rhodes


Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has questioned whether AEW was the right fit for Cody Rhodes, following the latter’s departure this week.

Rhodes, alongside his wife Brandi, left the company on Tuesday morning in a series of public statements in which they thanked the AEW roster and Tony Khan for their support.

It’s been reported that Cody and Khan could not come to terms with money and that Rhodes grew frustrated with losing booking control to the AEW President.

Speaking with F4Wonline, Omega said he did not believe that money was the reason Cody left, saying:

“I don’t really think it was an issue of money. I don’t think it was Tony not showing him enough cash to keep him invested with the company. Cody, he really believed in the vision, in the original vision that he brought to the table.”

When asked what he did think was the reason Cody and Brandi Rhodes left AEW, Omega said the company has changed dramatically over the years, but it still remains Tony Khan’s ‘baby.’ He added:

“It’s very possible that this current version of AEW just wasn’t a good fit for Cody, to Cody,” Omega stated. “For me, you know, I feel like he was one of the original four and there’s always gonna be a place for him. You saw it in his ladder match with Sammy [Guevara], he’s got incredible utility and he’s able to help our younger talent. So it’s nothing from an in-ring perspective – there’s no issues there.”

Omega teased that Cody will return to WWE, joking that he’s heard that the former TNT Champion is on a plane to Saudi Arabia.

WWE and Cody have reportedly been in talks, with a return rumored in time for WrestleMania 38.

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