Kevin Nash – ‘Jade Cargill’s First WWE Feud Needs To Be With Natalya’


Kevin Nash has nothing but high praise for Jade Cargill, and he believes she should immediately be put into a feud with Natalya.

Speaking on the latest edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer expressed his desire to see Cargill feud with Natalya. He said,


“You got Natalya, you’ve got [Nia] Jax, you’ve got [Rhea] Ripley, you’ve got Jade [Cargill] … right now I’d get Natalya working with Jade.”

He continued, “Because if you can get Jade doing 30% of the mat work that Natalya does, and still keep her high-impact s**t, she’s already got the look. First time I saw her it was like ‘Holy f**k.’ I mean she looks like a superhero.”

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