Killer Kross Believes Damian Priest Is A Future WWE Hall Of Famer, More


During a recent Q&A session for Signed By Superstars, former WWE Superstar Killer Kross commented on Finn Balor being his favorite opponent in WWE NXT, Damian Priest being a future WWE Hall of Famer, and more. You can check out some highlights from the Q&A below:

On Finn Balor being his favorite opponent in NXT: “In NXT, definitely without a doubt, Him and I were always on the same page with putting together the match. Where it was, what was going on in the conflict, what people needed to see. He played a perfect David in a David and Goliath and I like to think that I did my part in terms of getting people to believe that he’s somebody who could win in that sort of situation. That was something that the chain of command was concerned about. They were wondering if people were so invested, and that nobody was going to beat Kross. It was like ‘how do we, how do we get people to buy into that?’ He’s just so over and so good, so perfect. He’s the perfect dance partner for all that stuff.’ So him and I, after the first match, we were hoping the next time it was going to happen, it would be at Mania. It was the first thing he said when he came through the curtain, I was like ‘holy sh-t.’ Well then I thought ‘yeah, he’s f-cking right. That would be, Demon at Mania or something like that.’ That would’ve been awesome.”

On working with Damian Priest: “I got to know him personally, we hung out quite a bit outside of work. He’s going to be a WWE Hall of Famer. He’s a consonant professional, he’s a good human being. Also, not a well-known fact, Priest and I came from the same county in New York. So I lived all over in New York when I was a kid. But I spent the most time in a place called Rockland County. And Rockland County’s a nice place, but it’s not nice everywhere. Now let me tell you, to see another guy come from where I came from, which wasn’t much, to make it to the stage he’s on, also being Hispanic as well, I take a private pride in that. I think it’s cool that somebody from my neck of the woods also made it too. I’m just so over the moon happy for him. And getting to work with him was great. I feel like that night we went a little too fast because we were excited to work with each other. I know that if we were in a building with a bigger attendance, and we had 25-30 minutes, we could give something really, really special. Especially that we have similar styles in the way that we don’t compliment each other. It would make for a really interesting chemistry.”

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