Killian Dain Reveals A Major Bump That Was Cut From NXT TakeOver: WarGames


During a recent appearance on the “All Night Long” podcast, former WWE Superstar Killian Dain commented on a major bump that got cut from the WWE NXT TakeOver WarGames match in 2017, and more. He said,

“At one point with WarGames, I was going to jump off the cage. I practiced it a couple of times and was like, ‘That was easy.’ Then I tried it in wrestling boots and I couldn’t quite get to the top. I had to go to Shawn Michaels and was like, ‘I actually can’t jump off this.’ ‘We just saw you climb it.’ ‘Yeah, I was in my sneakers. In my wrestling boots and kilt (I can’t do it).’ I don’t really doubt myself with anything and when that doubt came in and wasn’t going away, I was just like, ‘Yeah, not doing it.’ Thankfully everyone and Shawn Michaels, who is incredible was like, ‘That’s the first time we’ve heard you doubt yourself. You tell me no, we’ll plan something else.’ Looking back, I think it would have been overkill and took away from the suplex off the top. It was a great decision not to do it. That’s what I keep telling myself.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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