Konnor: I Lost Faith in This Profession. NXT Was Legit Hell. Going to AEW or ROH?


The Wrestling Inc. podcast recently sat down with Konnor from The Ascension to discuss their NXT and WWE run, being released from the company, the dark days at the beginning of his NXT career and being mentally shut down throughout.

On a possible AEW debut: “I’m just enjoying what I’m doing right now … but something big coming up in the future.” Konnor continued. “For me, personally, I told Vik where my head was at, I kind of don’t want to answer to nobody. I’ve been answering to people for 10 years, and it’s kind of nice to just do your own thing. We haven’t mentioned it. If we do anything, we want it to be a surprise. We will be back on TV. I’m not gonna say with who, but it’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be awesome. We’re going back to our old ways. We get to be us. It’s gonna be awesome no doubt about it.”

Thoughts on being part of NXT developmental for years: “The worst part of my career. Those days were hell man. Oh, they were hell. Legit hell. You can ask anybody that did that NXT version, they can tell you it was hell because you never knew what you were doing. It was always a rib,”

“The only reason why they did it, I swear to god was just so the boys could pop themselves. I swear to you. I feel like they were just bored and they said, ‘hey, let’s just do NXT and just make them do stupid competitions where they eat hot dogs and drink soda.’ Like wait a second, I’ve been training for how long? Why did I ever train for stuff like this? What the hell is this?”

Losing faith when on the main roster: “The big thing mentality was that I had shut down for like three years. Literally I was just shut down. Mentally I shut down almost like I had lost faith in this profession. That was one thing I had lost because all I saw with wrestling, and I can’t speak for Vik on this, but for me personally, all I saw was numbers. I was always about the paycheck which is a horrible attitude to have because if you love something, you’re gonna make money off of it.”

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