Kurt Angle Talks Whether He Was Happy With His Return Run In WWE


Kurt Angle discussed whether he was happy with his return run in WWE while doing a recent interview on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast

Here is what he had to say: 

Yes and no. If they would’ve started me out wrestling when I returned, I was ready. I was wrestling consistently. Even when I took a year off, I went on the indie circuit and kept myself busy, kept myself in shape because I knew WWE was gonna call on me. So, yeah, I was a little disappointed. I thought that being a top talent like I was, I thought that I would get a possible title run and I didn’t come anywhere close to that….to go to WWE, and everything just drizzled out. It was what it was, and I can’t complain about it. I’m just glad Vince brought me back so I could show how much I love and respect the fans. That’s what it was all about.”

H/T to 411 Mania

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