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NewsLacey Evans Shares Why She Asked For Her WWE Release

Lacey Evans Shares Why She Asked For Her WWE Release



Lacey Evans didn’t want to spend a moment longer sitting in catering with no creative plans, hence why she asked to be released from WWE.

In August, it was confirmed that Evans was no longer with WWE, ending her tenure with the promotion that began in 2016.

On the latest edition of the “Power Alphas” podcast, Evans shared why she asked to be let go. She said,

“I asked, you know, for my release, I asked if I could like verbatim, ‘Can I slip out the side door?’ Where I come from and what I’ve been through and what I’ve had to do, nobody’s gonna talk to me any certain way, I’m not going to sit my ass in catering eating steak anymore.”

Evans, who reportedly nearly got into fights backstage in WWE, has since started selling exclusive content online.

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