Larry Zbyszko Comments On TNA’s Financial Issues


In an interview with WGD Weekly w/ Steve & The Scum, Larry Zbyszko spoke about TNA’s financial issues, WCW’s downfall and more. Here are the highlights:

On Vince Russo coming to WCW in 1999 and the dying days of WCW: “Eric and his buddies were gone, so Bill brings in this idiot Russo who was writing for the WWE…as far as I’m concerned, he’s a cancer…So, this goofy Russo comes in and by the time he came in…it went back to stupid nonsense with some idiot who has no idea what he is doing…So, they move me to Thunder…I was pissed…I knew the biggest, hottest wrestling ever was about to die…Russo just kept doing stupid stuff, the worst part is, we had a guy that was the next Bruno, Goldberg, people loved him, he was hot…but instead of Goldberg being champion, the new champion was Russo and some idiot little, skinny puke, David Arquette…the whole thing just turned to absolute manure…you had this slob, Mark Madden on Nitro, picking his nose and god knows what else…it was horrifying…”

On Sting being “lucky”: “Sting who was one of the luckiest men who ever lived, Sting couldn’t do a good interview, he couldn’t work good. We had to drop him from the ceiling for a year and dress him like the crow and not let him say a word to get one big match out of him.”

On TNA’s financial woes: “They just made wrong decisions…from what I hear, Bob Carter…he had a hard time saying no to his daughter, Dixie…Finally, they blew so much money with no real results after ten years that Bob resigned and I think the mother took over and she is controlling the purse…From what I hear…this guy is now fired, this guy is now fired and if you wanna stay there you get a pay cut. Half the guys wrestling there are on food stamps. I was shocked when I heard that one.”

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