​Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia Reveals Which Wrestling Stars She Thinks Could’ve Competed In MMA


During a recent interview with The Sun, Lilian Garcia commented on her new gig as a ring announcer for PFL, which wrestling Superstars she thinks could’ve competed in MMA, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On wrestling stars she thinks could’ve competed in MMA: “I’d think someone like AJ Styles or Jeff Hardy maybe could have done something. It’s their athleticism, they’ve both had such long careers, physically they have an ability to withstand it night after night. So, having them do something like MMA, and then add their personalities, I could definitely have seen that.”

On what Mick Foley told her about MMA once: “I remember inviting Mick Foley, he came and sat with me a couple times cageside and we were in New York and he was so into it. He said, ‘I could never be an MMA fighter’. He sees the intensity of that world and how amazing these athletes are.”

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